Metal shelves – a way for a home warehouse

    Regały metalowe — sposób na domowy magazyn

    Moving from an apartment in a block of flats to a large house does not have to mean the end of problems with an excess of things. The biggest challenge is always the proper placement of all the equipment you already have, as well as the preparation of a place for those to appear in the near future. Metal shelves with wooden shelves available in many DIY stores are a relatively inexpensive and effective method of storage. In what places will they be useful and how can they be arranged?

    Metal shelves in the garage

    The garage is a natural place for this type of raw and functional furniture. This place accompanies almost every single-family house project nowadays, it was also present in previous years. Currently, it is very fashionable and desirable to build a double garage. Its biggest advantage, apart from the possibility of accommodating two cars, is a large space ready for development. Metal shelves with wooden shelves will fit perfectly in such a size, there will also be no problem with their proper display or concealment. After all, it is still a rather technical room, in which the average household member does not spend much time.

    metal shelves
    metal shelves

    The main purpose of a longer stay in the garage is usually to repair or maintain the car. In order for these activities to run smoothly and bring pleasure, it is worth taking care of order in the accessories. Placing devices such as a rectifier, a set of keys, a compressor or a vacuum cleaner on wooden shelves will allow for quick access to them and more effective work on the car. By using shelves, you can also easily separate garden tools, which as often as cars find their place in a home garage.

    A small pantry

    When reaching another place in the house, i.e. the kitchen, it is good to think about allocating a special room for the pantry. Thanks to this, the kitchen space does not become overly cluttered, and the available cabinets can be arranged in a way that allows easy access to utensils and dishes. A small cell where the household members put their food supplies is another home zone where metal shelves can be foundwith wooden shelves. It is worth remembering that when purchasing them, you should think carefully about the target placement and dimensions. This will greatly help in moving between shelves later. Adequate access to the food on them is also an important issue that should not be forgotten. Efficient use of the kitchen infrastructure often makes cooking easier, and the preparation of ingredients can be much faster. The use of racks will additionally increase the storage space and allow for less frequent visits to the market to replenish stocks.

    Home workshop

    One of the biggest sources of clutter and chaos can be a room where all the necessary DIY items are stored. These are usually never diminished, and each subsequent visit to the market brings a new batch of screws, electric tools and other accessories necessary in a home workshop. Metal shelveswith wooden shelves, and in this case they are great as a savior in the fight against lack of space. One bookcase usually consists of five, six or even eight or more shelves. It all depends on its height and model. Objects weighing up to several dozen kilograms can be easily placed on a wooden, strong surface. It is a good idea to put them in special plastic, transparent boxes. Thanks to this, they will still be clearly visible and will still be conveniently accessible.

    Tool shed and basement

    Storing items is an increasing challenge for homeowners as new projects rarely include building a basement. Its creation requires many additional construction works that have no economic justification. And it was in this space that metal shelves were most often placedwith wooden shelves. The cellars were a place where you could keep preserves, garden tools, unused furniture, electronics, books, souvenirs and many other things. Currently, this gap is, in a sense, being filled in by the attic, but carrying heavy items there is not always comfortable. In addition, the presence of slants does not allow the placement of racks, which further reduces the available space. This deficiency can be partially dealt with by placing a special shed in the garden, where you can store not only garden accessories, but also other items that do not require comfortable thermal and humidity conditions.

    Metal shelves with wooden shelves have many uses in a single-family house. First of all, their price is very affordable, the assembly is very intuitive, and the benefits of using them are positive. Ordering special chests of drawers, wardrobes and lockable shelves is not always the best solution. In technical rooms it is even inadvisable, because each door is a potential obstacle to free access to items that will be within reach on the shelf.