What should you have for horse riding?

    W co należy zaopatrzyć się do jazdy konnej?

    If someone is going to seriously engage in equestrianism, be prepared for the initial expenses. They are related to the need to purchase professional clothing and accessories for the horse. What products are necessary to make horse riding comfortable and convenient?

    Riding clothing

    There is no doubt that in equestrianism, especially when it comes to the more professional one, the appropriate outfit is a guarantee of practicing this sport in a comfortable way. In order to purchase the right products, it is worth visiting the equestrian shop.

    Appropriate footwear should be found on the feet. What distinguishes them from the classic ones where you can run, for example? First of all, the fact that they do not have laces. This is very important for security reasons. The laces could get caught in the stirrup.

    The first type of shoes are the so-called boots. These are high boots, reaching almost to the knee. They work best in winter. Rain is also not a problem for them. The drawback is that they breathe poorly. If it is too warm, the foot may sweat.

    Lower boots are called Chelsea boots. The shop for riders offers them in rubber and leather versions. The first and best ones are for people who treat horse riding as a hobby and ride occasionally. Leather Chelsea boots are definitely more comfortable and have harder fronts. This is important when, for example, a rider is stepped on by a horse. Of course, shoes made of leather will also be more expensive.

    Pants for the rider are known as breeches. They are characterized by a high waist and the fact that they have scratched material on the knees, which allows them to hold better in the saddle. Thanks to the high position, the rider’s back is properly covered and the pants do not slide off.

    The shop for riders offers various types of breeches. More expensive models have a stiffer material on the buttocks or on the entire surface that is in contact with the saddle. Thanks to this treatment, the material does not slip while driving. In addition, the pants have comfortable seams, which prevent possible abrasions.

    A T-shirt is essential for clothing worn over the upper body. It can be, for example, a polo shirt, although its type is not critical. The most important thing is that it does not restrict the rider’s movements while riding. The material from which it is made should be comfortable and breathable.

    However, if the temperature is not conducive to riding in a jersey, you can buy a vest. On colder days, it will be perfect, and the lack of sleeves does not restrict movement while driving.

    An additional element offered by the store for riders are gloves. Their main task is to prevent abrasions that may arise on the hands while holding the reins. In addition, if they are used in winter, they can also protect against the cold. There are also versions designed for summer use. They are then made of thin, ventilated material. The use of gloves allows you to hold the reins better.

    However, the most important element of the equipment is the toque, which protects the rider’s head during a possible fall. When visiting the equestrian shop, you can find toques in various price categories. The cheapest ones also protect the head, but the more expensive models are additionally equipped with vents and more convenient adjustment, which increases the comfort of use.

    Socks are the least visible element. Nevertheless, they play an important role. They should reach almost to the rider’s knee and provide protection against abrasions in case the breeches roll up .

    Accessories for a horse

    The horse must also be properly equipped. The riders shop is a place where we can find all the things he needs.

    The basis is, of course, the saddle. They differ depending on the type of horse riding. A different saddle should be purchased for dressage, while another one will work well for jumping.

    However, so that the saddle does not touch the animal’s back directly, put a saddle under it. It is a fur saddle pad, the task of which is to protect the horse from abrasions.

    An indispensable element is also a suitable bridle and reins, used by the rider to lead the horse.

    In addition to typical equestrian accessories, the store for riders is also a place where you can find products for horse care. These include various types of brushes, sponges and combs. You can also find vitamin preparations and cosmetics.

    After stocking up with all the necessary accessories, you can indulge in the undoubted pleasure of horse riding. The greatest advantage of this sport is the possibility of communing with the horse and admiring the beauty of the surrounding nature. For this purpose, it is worth making some sacrifices that are necessary when caring for this animal.