Dream vacation, i.e. a flight to Thailand

    Wymarzone wczasy, czyli lot do Tajlandii

    Are you overworked? Then it’s time to rest. The workload not only tires the mind and body, but also depletes all creativity. Therefore, despite overtime and constant efforts, the work is getting worse and more tiring. Workaholism usually brings good profits, but at the same time it destroys the body and family. Those most absorbed in work even avoid holidays and even the sick and fever appear at work. Maybe it’s time to finally take advantage of your vacation and have a decent vacation full of sun, salt water and a different culture?

    Financial aspects

    Unfortunately, the Polish realities very often bring to earth all those hungry for distant, wild journeys across unknown continents. Finance is the most common obstacle. Unfortunately, the prices in most trips are European, and the earnings are Polish. That is why people are looking for cheap offers for vacations, holidays and other holiday periods. Often, they also do not go far and restrict themselves to Poland or neighboring countries if they live near the border.


    Although holidays under palm trees are expensive, those in Poland in the most popular cities are not the cheapest either. In the case of the Polish sea, the prices are alarming. If you are planning a vacation there, better go somewhere further, where you will pay the same, and you will have a view of the blue ocean and palm trees. At the Baltic Sea, you have to pay as much for accommodation as in foreign hotels, and the Polish weather is unpredictable. So it may turn out that you will spend your vacation in a hotel.

    The devil is not that scary, that is cheap flights

    Holidays are a great investment in your mental and physical health. You can put money on them for a while or choose cheap flying. What is that? A stay and a flight to the tropics does not have to be extremely expensive. Anyone imagining a holiday, for example in Majorca, sees thousands of dollars that must be spent on such a trip. Meanwhile, it turns out that sometimes you can spend a week in the tropics for a symbolic amount. These are the so-called Last minute holidays. Their drawback, however, is that they cannot be planned well in advance. Often the flights are in a week or a month, and sometimes on the next day. Hence the prices. Airlines and travel agencies prefer to sell the last tickets cheaply than to have an empty seat and pay extra for missing customers.

    Cheap flights in practice

    people often fear this type of promotion because they imagine they will fly in the hold and live in a shack on the beach. But that’s not how it looks. When you buy a last minute deal, you travel, live, and get everything that people who bought the tickets at full prices. However, in the case of cheap travel, you must take into account that we have a limited amount of luggage. Often it is just the handheld that must have a certain weight and dimensions. That is why people traveling with low-cost airlines or taking advantage of last minute holidays, buy clothes on the spot so as not to have to stuff them in a suitcase. Some simply dress in layers ,to save space. However, when traveling to the tropics, it may not work. Cheap holidays are a great way to relax, for little money. That is why it is worth searching offers and websites that are always up to date with the latest promotions.

    Or maybe Asia?

    Do you dream of the azure water of the ocean, warm waves, palms rustling in the wind? Good exotic food and friendly natives will also come in handy. Where can you find such a paradise on earth? It’s best to look for in Thailand, the land of smiles, spicy dishes and stunning beaches. Thailand is located in Southeast Asia. It is very often associated with China or Japan, Chinese take-away food and the characteristic language.


    Only recently has its beauty and uniqueness started to be noticed. Of course, these areas are inhabited by Asians. However, they do not serve Chinese noodles and soups, but exotic dishes with unusual flavors that you must try while visiting. The people of Thailand are nice, smiling and non-conflicting. However, tourists like the prices the most. Because you can eat well and find nice accommodation at a low price, this makes this country a paradise for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on vacation.

    Travel to Thailand

    Flights to Thailand are also sometimes available at attractive prices. We will not fly there for PLN 100, but sometimes you can find prices in the region of PLN 2,000 for flights and a hotel with breakfast. Such deals don’t come very often, so you need to keep your finger on the pulse and check travel blogs, news sites and travel agencies on a regular basis. Most often, ticket prices to Thailand fluctuate around 3000 in both directions. However, you have to take into account the fact that there will be at least 2 or 3 changes during the entire journey. However, this is not such a disadvantage as it might seem. It is worth using the transfers to do some sightseeing. Thanks to this, we can see Malaysia, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Qatar and Singapore.

    When to go?

    To admire Thailand’s paradise beaches and immerse yourself in the warm and clear waters of the ocean, it’s important to know when to go. First of all, it is worth knowing that the south of Thailand is one of the most beautiful areas. We can choose from Phuket, Krabi and many other places. It’s best to visit Thailand during the winter season. In the months from November to April there is beautiful weather, lots of sunshine and perfectly clear and calm water. In summer it is very humid, rainy and hot, and the ocean waters are choppy.