How to choose the right house plan?

    Jak wybrać właściwy plan domu?
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    One of the most exciting moments in our lives can be choosing a home. Choosing the right plan is a very serious decision. The arrangement of the house should fit our lifestyle and our family. The home should first of all be comfortable. It is worth paying attention to the size and shape of the rooms. We should also see what rooms are adjacent to each other.

    Suitable home size

    Not every family needs extensive property. Not all families will also feel comfortable in a small wooden house with two bedrooms. The house plan should fit our lifestyle. Let’s find out how many children’s bedrooms and bathrooms we need. The size of the house should be the first consideration.

    Home style

    Everyone has their own style. The design should meet our needs. This is a necessary factor. Some people like modern style and some like traditional.

    Suitable wood

    When building a new home, one of the most difficult tasks is choosing the right wood for your floors, cabinets, finishes and more. We need to pay attention not only to the color, but also to the grain patterns, durability and style. There are many species to choose from. However, it is worth starting with paying attention to the most popular ones.

    Given the yellow shade and interesting pattern, pine will be perfect for country houses. The American white walnut is a popular species in country houses. The beautiful, dark grain looks good and is eye-catching. Oak can come in several varieties. The most popular are white and red oak. It is universal. Carpenters use it to make exquisite furniture, and designers use it for floors, cabinets, and finishes. The cherry is distinguished by a beautiful red color and interesting grain patterns. Perfect for interior in English and French style. It can be used for wardrobes, paneling, upholstery and floors.

    Like oak, maple comes in a variety of colors and patterns. If we paint or enamel it, we can use it for doors and cabinets. Some types of maple are highly appreciated for their unusual grain patterns. They can be used for furniture such as cabinets and a panel accent wall.

    Bamboo is becoming more and more popular. In the beginning, it was used for the production of table tops and cutting boards. Currently, it is increasingly used in the kitchen (floors and cabinets) and bathrooms. Perfect for modern and Asian-inspired kitchens. Manufacturers appreciate it for its long, straight grain and minimalist style.

    Mahogany is an exotic wood that has long been a favorite among carpenters. Currently, it is used for furniture, flooring, upholstery and cabinet finishes. Dark, rich tones and smooth grain make mahogany suitable for a variety of styles, both vintage and contemporary.

    Teak has always been popular in garden furniture and tiles. Now, regenerated teak is becoming more and more popular on floors, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. The red color and interesting grain patterns make it perfect for both formal and informal interiors.

    Important factors when building a house

    Building a house out of wood can be very exciting. We have to make many decisions regarding layouts and facilities.

    Let us define our desires and needs. Before we start choosing the perfect home design, we first need to consider your lifestyle, needs and taste. Let’s make a list of the things we want at home. Let’s take a look at your current home and answer some basic questions:

    • Do we have a large family and do we need more rooms?
    • Do we lack storage space and do we need more storage space?
    • Let’s pay attention to what we like about our current home. Let’s try to find them in our home.
    • Let’s also think about places for entertainment. If we organize larger social events, a large bedroom or kitchen open to the living room or dining room will be perfect.

    Let’s also pay attention to our needs. Let’s think about whether we plan to enlarge our family? If so, make sure your home has suitable rooms or additional interiors.

    Will we retire soon? A large home can be difficult to maintain. If we want to sell it, adapting it to our own needs, we may have difficulty finding a buyer.

    Let’s pay attention to decorations and equipment

    Let’s consider what kind of furniture we have. Let’s see if they will fit in our house or if we will have to buy new ones. Consider whether each room should have a different style or theme. And we can choose to have the same style throughout the house.

    Let’s pay attention to the natural light and the arrangement of the windows. If you like a lot of daylight, let’s look for a plan with a good layout of bay, kitchen and bathroom windows.

    Let’s carefully consider the design of a new home. Should match other homes in the neighborhood. At the same time, it should reflect our creativity.

    A good layout will definitely improve our quality of life. Let’s find out what we liked about the houses we used to live in and make changes. The design should suit our needs. We will look for a good architect who will create the perfect house plan.