What wallpapers to choose for an apartment?

    Jakie tapety wybrać do mieszkania?

    Wallpapers are back in favor: their various colors and textures offer great arrangement possibilities, hide wall irregularities, are easy to apply and are durable. They look great when combined with walls painted with a uniform shade of paint. How to choose the best wallpapers for an apartment?

    Cladding and wallpaper for uneven walls

    Wall unevenness can be upsetting: shedding, sanding and plastering is laborious and can be pointless on larger surfaces. To the rescue of the owners of imperfect walls come special wallpapers. The right type of them will help us hide unsightly cracks, mechanical damage and unevenness.


    Cladding, i.e. fiberglass, cellulose or ground, can be used on any type of wall. They are perfect for masking unevenness: in addition to smoothing, they have a function that increases the surface resistance to additional damage. By choosing glass fiber, we can be sure that it will penetrate into the corners of the wall, optically smoothing it. After sticking it, paint it in the color of your choice.

    Wallpapers masking unevenness work well with poor plasters in apartments in a block of flats, which can chip off and in old tenement houses, where uneven walls are the rule. Those with a distinct, convex structure will hide even large imperfections. Foamed vinyl and structural materials will work well for large unevenness. Another option is to choose patterned wallpaper. Patterns, expressive colors or floral prints fashionable this season will distract attention from the convexity of the walls.

    Color in your home

    Wallpapers can work in any room. There is one condition: its type should be adapted to the interior’s functions. In the bathroom, the best ones are those that are resistant to moisture, water and high temperature, i.e. glass fiber and flat vinyl. Wallpaper used in the kitchen should have similar properties, but here it is also worth considering possible mechanical damage: in their case, a more damage-resistant, foamed vinyl wallpaper will work better. Its additional advantage is the great coverage of wall unevenness.

    Living rooms, a bedroom or a study can be covered with paper wallpapers , which are also more delicate. If you have children, choose stronger natural fibers (e.g. bamboo). Popular with the youngest are photo wallpapers, available in various styles.