The growing popularity of aesthetic medicine

    Rosnąca popularność medycyny estetycznej

    Aesthetic medicine is a field that is developing more and more dynamically. Treatments for which celebrities are crazy enter the everyday life of ordinary women. Increasingly lower prices, acceptable to many people, mean that more and more Polish women can afford rejuvenating treatments. What are the consequences of this sudden increase in interest for aesthetic medicine?

    More doctors – increased competitiveness

    aesthetic medicine
    Aesthetic medicine – mesotherapy

    Doctors dealing with the topic of rejuvenation face fierce competition. The reason is the unregulated situation on the market – basic treatments can be performed even by cosmetologists. In the era of the growing popularity of aesthetic medicine, experience, qualifications supported by diplomas from specialized courses and recommendations of satisfied patients are more and more important. People using the services of clinics do not want to leave their money in the hands of people without experience and extensive knowledge. Thanks to the increasing awareness of customers, the number of treatments performed by people who do not have the appropriate qualifications is also falling.

    The increase in the popularity of aesthetic medicine – more treatments available

    Manufacturers of preparations used in treatments are trying to outdo each other in creating more and more perfect substances. When using treatments based on substances of the best producers, we no longer have to worry about toxic substances that will wreak havoc in the body. 

    Prevention instead of treatment

    The old saying that prevention is better than cure is also true in aesthetic medicine. The sooner we go to a doctor specializing in rejuvenating treatments, the greater the chance that gentle treatments will be enough to refresh the skin and keep it in good condition for many years. Modern 30-year-olds know that caring for the face should be started earlier in order to avoid big changes. Thanks to this approach, many women enjoy fresh, well-groomed skin and there is no need to undergo invasive procedures. 

    Competitiveness means lower costs of treatments

    The more treatments performed, the better the patient is. Financing treatments is getting simpler: many clinics offer their patients to divide the amount of the treatment into installments, and the treatments themselves are much cheaper than a few years ago. Preparations for skin care after rejuvenation treatment are also less expensive. It is worth remembering that the use of the cheapest aesthetic medicine clinics can do us more harm than good – it is worth choosing a place where the treatment is performed with great preparations. It costs money, so too low a price should be an alarm for us. 

    Stick to one doctor

    Remember that a specific specialist knows your skin and can adapt treatments to it to improve its condition. If you make each visit in a different office, the chance of success of your treatment decreases. The aesthetic medicine doctor should know the history of the procedures performed.