Sale of a building plot – tips

    Sprzedaż działki budowlanej - wskazówki

    Selling a plot for development is not easy. Before we decide on a transaction, we are forced to prepare a number of different documents, thoroughly familiarize ourselves with the real estate market and appropriate valuation, which consists of many factors.

    The law is perverse and the real estate market is extremely volatile. Sometimes we do not realize that our operation does not meet certain standards, such as legally guaranteed access, although the road does exist. Paradox. Unfortunately, there are many more paradoxes, so before issuing an appropriate sales announcement, we should read all the documents regarding our plot and its vicinity. This will save us the hassle and disappointment.


    Building plot, agricultural plot, service plot, or maybe a forest plot?

    Sale of plots
    Plot for sale


    The first step is to determine the status of the plot. It is not something we determine ourselves. We cannot sell a plot for development if it is defined as an agricultural plot. In this way, we can quickly go to court, because the merchant can sue us for fraud.

    To find out the status of the land that we want to sell, we can check it in documents such as the Local Spatial Development Plan of the Commune and the Study of the Directions and Directions of the Spatial Development of the Commune.

    The study includes a general plan for the development of the area of ​​a given commune. Therefore, we should not focus only on this one document. The second document describing the local development plan is more detailed. It specifies exactly which areas fall into which category. In addition, the plan also lists how tall the buildings can be and how many there can be in the area.

    Unfortunately, such detailed plans often do not cover the entire territory of the commune, but only a part of it. The plot that we want to sell may be located on an area for which there is no detailed plan. In that case, we can only use the general study. If this happens, you must additionally obtain a building conditions document.


    Lack of the Local Spatial Development Plan of the commune – what to do?


    The lack of a local plan is associated with additional work that we have to do to obtain the relevant documents, but sometimes it can be beneficial for us. Well, if the General Study has designated our plot as agricultural land, and we want to sell the plot for a higher price, as a construction plot, we can always submit an application for a development conditions. The office has two months to process the application and issue a decision, although it often takes much longer, because not only the commune office decides on this matter, but also other bodies dealing with the environment and construction.

    It is also worth mentioning here that a given plot is never entirely intended for development. A decision on the limits to be built is added to the development conditions. For this reason, it is not worth looking for buyers before issuing a decision. You never know if a given buyer will be satisfied with the conditions. Not to mention the fact that the commune office can always refuse to grant building plot status.


    Building plot – what to pay attention to?


    When our plot has the status of a building plot, the next step is to check if it has all the elements that increase its value. One of them is the access road. We can safely assume that each plot has some access, but we cannot always use it legally. To find out the status of the road leading to our plot, go to the commune office. If the road is a municipal road, we do not have to worry about anything, but if our access road is a private road, a problem arises. In this case, we should check the notarial deed and the land and mortgage register.

    The access road may be jointly owned by us and our neighbors. If we are selling a plot of land, we also sell the shares on the access road. If we have several plots of land for sale on the same street, we should divide the shares on the access road equally for each buyer.

    Sometimes it may happen that the road we take to the plot is private and belongs entirely to our neighbor. Then we have to check in the land and mortgage register where our access to the plot is located. This is important information for the correct preparation of documents. If we do not do this, our plot will lose its value or we will have a big problem with selling it.


    Plot equipment – is it important?


    Utilities for the plot include all connections, such as electricity, gas, sewage and telecommunications. It is also a very important thing that we must check before selling. If we do not take care of utilities, the plot will lose its value. There is a basic map in the commune office, where all connections are marked. If the area turns out to be unarmed, the buyer or owner of the plot will have to add the cost of connecting to the network. The price depends on how far the plot is from the given connection point.