Which insect remedies for children to choose?

    Jakie wybrać środki na owady dla dzieci?

    If we go on vacation with a child, it is necessary to take care of his proper protection. First, let’s think about insect remedies.


    Effective remedies for insects


    Mosquitoes, biting flies and ticks can make our babies unhappy. Most toddlers respond mildly to insect bites. In some, however, they cause severe allergies. One way to effectively protect against biting insects is to use insect repellent. However, they must be used safely and correctly.


    Simply avoiding mosquitoes and ticks may not be enough. We must teach older children to properly protect themselves against insects. Wondering if insect repellants are safe for children? Despite all the warnings we can find on the Internet about chemicals and toxic pesticides, the answer is, of course, yes. In many cases, such measures can be used even in 2-month-old children.


    Choosing the perfect measure


    For many years, it has been believed that agents containing DEET are the most effective. Insect remedies should not be used in children under 2 months of age. If such products contain lemon eucalyptus oil, they should not be used on children under 3 years of age.


    We should not use agents with garlic and vitamin B1 as one of the ingredients. The least effective agents last up to 2 hours (then they contain less than 10% DEET, essential oils, 2-undecanone). Slightly better products are effective for 3-4 hours (20% DEET, 7% picadrin). The best repellants last about 5 hours (24% DEET, 15% picadrin).


    What else should we remember?


    In addition to the active ingredient and its strength, we also need to take into account its consistency. Should it be in the form of a spray? Are we looking for a product that is non-greasy and has a light and tropical fragrance? Or maybe it should be fragrance-free? Instead of a spray or aerosol, we can choose insect-repellent wipes. We can also choose a lotion.


    Products with a concentration higher than 30% DEET are not more effective, they just last longer.


    Insecticidal repellants


    Remember to use the chosen insect repellent safely. Therefore, read the label carefully and follow the instructions scrupulously.


    Use the right amount of insect repellent. Let’s apply it to exposed skin or clothing.


    Do not use the agents around the child’s eyes and mouth, on cuts, irritated skin or under clothing.


    We should wash off the insect repellent when we get home. Let’s not spray it at home or in the car. Also, do not apply directly to the toddler’s mouth. First, put them on your hands, and then rub the center over the child’s mouth. Let us not use the remedy on our child’s hands. They can rub them over their eyes or put them in their mouths. Let us spray or smear the agent ourselves, let him not do the same.


    We can also choose a mosquito net. It is put on a stroller or a baby carrier.


    Let’s also dress our toddler appropriately. Let him wear long socks and clothes that cover his arms and legs.


    Basic facts


    The duration of action may vary depending on whether it is intended to protect against mosquitoes or ticks. Let’s check the labels of insect repellants carefully.


    Avoid products containing lemon eucalyptus oil, PMD or para-menthane-3,8-diol. Then they have pesticidal properties.


    We should also avoid products that provide protection against insects and sunscreen. Let’s use two separate products instead. First, let’s apply sunscreen. Remember to use it every few hours if necessary. Make sure that the insect repellent lasts longer.


    Sometimes it can be harder for us to find good insect repellent lotions.


    Let’s choose insect remedies that are only intended for children.


    Let’s not be fooled by repellants that smell amazing but are full of chemicals at the same time.


    If our child eats such a remedy, splashes it into his eyes or has an allergic reaction, call the emergency room immediately.


    Effective advice


    Always follow the instructions on the product label. If the baby is under two months old, absolutely do not use such measures. Instead, dress them in clothes that protect their arms and legs. We can choose covers and carriers with a mosquito net.


    We use permethrin to care for clothing and equipment. We can use it for shoes, pants, socks and tents. We can also buy clothes and equipment with permethrin. Kills or repels mosquitoes. Clothing with permethrin is effective even after repeated washing. Let’s read the information on how long such protection lasts. Let’s follow the instructions on the label. Do not apply permethrin directly to the skin.


    In order to avoid insect bites and bites, remember about prophylaxis. First of all, let’s stock up on appropriate insecticides. Also, wear long socks and clothes that cover the body. This is absolutely necessary if we are going to a place where we are particularly vulnerable. Let’s use mosquito nets on windows and doors in our home. All these methods are very effective.