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    Being the owner of catering for companies, contrary to appearances, is not such a simple task as it might seem at first. Generally running your own business is a tough piece of bread, let alone business has a lot to do with food. Preparing meals for more people is laborious, so you can’t do it yourself and you have to hire people to do it, not as many as in the case of dietary catering, but you still have to. Certainly, the key people that must be employed are cooks without them, the whole business will not stick to it because there is nothing to do. The catering industry is so demanding that you need to find people who know their stuff, have experience in the kitchen and, above all, know how to cook tasty.Without it, the business of catering for companies has no chance of success. Another aspect that leads to the success of the business is the premises, it must be specially adapted to the catering activity there, it must meet certain requirements. Before starting the activity, the Department of Health has to check everything and give permission to run the premises, even minimal oversights lead to the fact that the Department of Health and Safety does not issue such a permit, so it is worth checking everything well before its arrival so that there are no unpleasant surprises and unnecessary stress. Running a restaurant and catering for companies differs in that the restaurant is constantly busy and we do not know how many customers will visit us on a given day, so we shop by eye, following the general experience. And in catering for companies it is so much easierthat we know how many companies have ordered meals from us for their employees and we know how many we have to cook and then it is easier not to waste products We must be aware that when we start working in gastronomy, we are responsible for the life and health of customers, it is unacceptable that the ingredients are not fresh and not of good quality, people sense such things and it may turn out that they will not use our services the next time and even worse, they can get poisoned and then not only the cook will suffer the consequences, but the owner as well. At the beginning, when we come up with such an idea of ​​starting a business and providing catering services for companies, we should make the so-called: business plan and see what the costs of starting a business will be including the costs of: kitchen appliances, all necessary permits,renting premises (at the beginning it is not profitable to buy until you are sure that the business will be successful) and many other things, there are certainly a lot of them. When, after the conversion, it turns out that we are able to bear such costs, there is nothing to wait for, you have to deal with all matters related to it. Before we go to the offices, however, we can think about funding from the European Union. It is known, when we want to obtain help from the state, we have to take into account the large amount of papermaking and the fact that it is a long process. However, it is worthwhile because you can get the extra money. You need to include some information in the subsidy: you need to describe the company’s goals, describe what we will sell or what services we will provide, to whom we direct the product or service, you must present a marketing plan,you should analyze the market and competition and costing. Subsidies can be obtained on a one-off and non-refundable basis. After submitting the subsidy, you can start a business. For starters, it’s free to sign up. First of all, in order to set up a business and be the owner of catering for companies, you need to: submit the CEIDG-1 application, it is now possible to do it online or do it directly at the office, then in the case of VAT registration, you must submit the VAT-R to the tax office, then you should report the company to the Social Insurance Institution and finally go to the Sanepid, because this industry is related to gastronomy and the Sanepid registers all companies and plants dealing with food. Then we can look around for the place if we haven’t found it yet,the location is not important because the meals will be distributed all over the city or on its outskirts anyway. We must meet all the requirements of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station: there must be a washbasin with both hot and cold water in the room, a hand disinfectant, countertops must be made of easy-to-clean material, there must be two chambers for washing dishes so that clean and dirty do not mix . The key is that every room must be ventilated. To run self catering for companies, you have to remember about GMP – that is, the principles of good manufacturing practice and GHP – good hygiene practice. It is known that if we have catering for the company, we will deliver meals, so a company car should be included in the costs, it must also be approved by the Department of Health and Safety. All employees,who work in gastronomy must have a Sanepidów book and have all the necessary examinations done, if the employer does not ensure it, they may have trouble.