How to boil baby clothes?

    Jak wygotować ubranka dla dziecka?

    The topic of washing children’s clothes electrifies many parents. Each caregiver usually has his opinion on what and how to wash, whether to cook or not to cook, or to iron everything or not. There is no doubt, however, that children’s clothes get dirty quickly and it is necessary to wash them frequently. Most of the available knowledge is what is known as common knowledge, the credibility of which has never been tested. In this article, we will deal with the prevailing opinions and suggest what to remember when washing children’s clothes.

    Washing at 90 degrees – boiling the clothes

    All baby clothes, especially newborns, should be boiled. This is one of the common opinions among parents. It’s hard to disagree with her. The clothes you buy are full of bacteria, germs and allergens that can negatively affect your baby. This is one of the reasons why the first wash should be carried out at a higher temperature (90 degrees). We are talking here especially about bedding, nappies in yards and bibs.

    Children's clothes
    Children’s clothes

    Some of the clothes we buy, due to the composition of the material, should be washed at a temperature not higher than 60 degrees. It is also sufficient to kill all bacteria and mites. This also applies to other clothes with labels on the maximum washing temperature.


    All items of children’s clothing should be rinsed at least twice after washing. It’s a fact. Thorough rinsing of the clothes allows you to get rid of the residual powder from the material, which may cause an allergic reaction on the very delicate skin of the baby. The material without detergent is softer and more pleasant to the touch, which is very important for children’s things. We should not add any softening liquid to rinsing. If we use a very delicate detergent for washing or our child does not have any major skin problems, it is no problem to use a double rinse.


    Not all children’s clothes need to be ironed. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, ironing is effective in killing bacteria, mites and other microorganisms that get into the fabric during washing or drying. That is one of the reasons why it is absolutely necessary to iron the clothes that make up the baby layette, which will come into contact with the newborn’s skin. Washing clothes at 60 degrees, we do not have to iron them when the child is one month old. Washing alone will remove all bacteria that are harmful to the baby.

    A special powder for washing children’s clothes

    For washing children’s clothes, it is worth using a special powder that is intended only for children’s clothes. Washing powders intended for children are much softer than those used for washing clothes for adults. First of all, they are free of highly allergenic substances, bleaches and strong detergents. That is one of the reasons why they are much better for the baby’s skin. During the washing itself, it is worth using a special liquid for washing children’s clothes instead of powder. It mixes with water in the washing machine much faster, and then rinses faster, leaving no white residue on the fabric.

    If our child has problematic or extremely sensitive skin, we should use special measures until the child is one year old or even longer. In the case of children’s clothes that do not have problems with skin hypersensitivity, we can use a regular powder after the age of 3 months.


    As you know, children often get their clothes dirty. Most often when eating, where a little bit of food ends up on the blouse or shorts. However, a toddler does not need to wear stained T-shirts and bibs of all colors, and should definitely wear clean clothes. It is worth using stain removers to remove the heaviest stains from clothes. Regular gray soap will work as a stain remover, rub it into the stain and leave it for 15 minutes. Then throw such clothes into the washing machine. This is a great way to wash clothes for very young children. For older people who are 6 months old, we can use a stain remover.

    Air drying

    The fact is that we should dry children’s things in the fresh air. If you dry clothes in closed rooms, bacteria, dust mites and molds can build up and are very fond of moisture and heat. The ideal way to avoid this risk is to dry your laundry in the fresh air, for example on the balcony. If you do not have this option, it is enough to spread the laundry in the room and then open the window.

    All activities related to the care of children’s clothing should be adapted to the child’s skin. If you notice allergic reactions on your arms, abdomen or legs, change the washing powder or liquid as soon as possible. When the skin continues to react negatively, go to an allergist who will tell you what to choose for washing your child’s clothes.