What are the benefits of studying in a private music school?

    Jakie są korzyści z nauki w prywatnej szkole muzycznej?

    It cannot be denied that private music schools in Poland have many advantages. It is impossible not to notice them. Private music schools in Poland are not a new phenomenon at all. However, they only began to develop on a larger scale in a few years. Currently, they operate basically all over Poland, but mainly in large cities. Some of the private music schools have become a permanent part of the education system and complement one another. They equip children with key skills, invaluable knowledge and impeccable references. Private institutions in Poland are an alternative to public education for both domestic and foreign students.

    Advantages of private music schools

    There are actually many reasons why parents choose private schools. Certainly, the first advantage of a private music school is the high quality of teaching. It offers really good learning conditions, uses a proven curriculum and presents reliable teaching methods. Many schools offer very personalized education programs for gifted children, especially gifted or with some disorders or dysfunctions.

    Much accelerated development

    A private music school gives children a lot of development opportunities. Individualized curricula really allow all their educational needs to be met. For this purpose, schools very often create groups or classes for children working at a very fast pace, which are offered by applied educational programs.

    To meet the scientific needs of children, there are certainly additional activities during which students can develop their interests. It is known that music is the leader in a private music school. But not only that. Music school students also have other interests, such as research projects, foreign languages ​​or others. Of course, activities that help to develop children’s artistic abilities are the norm. This includes not only the musical ones, but also recitation, acting and visual arts.

    International programs

    A really large part of private schools in Poland is focused on international education. Its quintessence is the possibility of passing the international baccalaureate. Hence, many of them offer curricula. Polish private music schools offer their students specialized language learning programs. In some cases, even a foreign language is the language of instruction. Many schools also offer comprehensive foreign language courses.

    Private music schools are also very often international. It is a perfect solution for all children from abroad, especially young people who want to learn in English. They are also recommended for Polish children who are interested in intensively learning foreign languages ​​or continuing their scientific and musical development abroad.

    International environment

    Due to the foreign language or bilingualism and the extended learning program of foreign languages, private music schools in Poland are a natural place for educating children of foreigners. Children from many other countries also learn in these institutions. They are not only children from Poland, but also from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Korea, Japan or China. Learning and being with peers who come from other corners of the world is certainly a great experience for our children. It will definitely contribute to getting to know different kinds of cultures, ways of thinking or customs.

    Very small classes – another of the advantages

    Private music schools in Poland have much smaller classes. And hence? Hence the indicator of the number of students per one teacher. This significantly influences the very effectiveness of teaching. Certainly, a child that the teacher devotes a lot more time to will not be lost somewhere in the crowd. Certainly, it also absorbs new content faster, and it is easier to remember it. When learning to sing or play any instruments, an individual approach and valuable time with your teacher is really invaluable. This time is the most valuable.

    A teacher in private schools spends much more time working with the child individually. This certainly influences his development of all abilities during the lesson, but not only. The child also develops amazingly during any additional activities. A smaller number of children in the class also favors a much more intimate learning environment and also affects the mutual relations between students and teachers, as well as between the students themselves. We must bear in mind that the benefits of learning in smaller classes have been proven in numerous studies.

    So when parents are in doubt, there’s really nothing to worry about. The child will be appreciated in a private music school, will feel comfortable and we will not have to worry about the level itself. The level of science is really high.