Private Investigator – Services

    Many of us associate the work of a detective agency only with searching for evidence of betrayal of one of the partners. However, as it turns out, the services provided by a private investigator are not only documenting materials for a divorce case. In this article, we will discuss in detail the range of services that detective agencies provide. 

    What services does a private investigator provide?

    detective agenciesThe wide range of services provided by a private investigator includes the aforementioned search for evidence of a partner’s infidelity, i.e. gathering materials in order to file a petition for divorce on fault. In addition to the standard tracking of a person who is suspected of treason, it is possible to purchase equipment at the detective office that will allow you to record conversations, check where the person is, etc. 

    Another quite popular service that can be used in a detective office is searching for people. This may concern, for example, family members who have gone missing, but also in a situation where a person grew up in an orphanage, finding their biological parents. There are many reasons for the search for people, and a private detective will undoubtedly help in this.

    More and more companies decide to use the services of a detective agency. The reason is simple – checking the contractor with whom we plan to cooperate. This type of service is called economic intelligence and is invaluable especially when it comes to an expensive contract. The task of the interview is to provide as much information as possible about the other party and on this basis the company commissioning it may enter into cooperation or withdraw from it. 

    As part of cooperation with a private detective, it is also possible to use services related to computer forensics. In this case, it is mainly about finding wiretaps, looking for evidence of cyberstalking, performing penetration tests and many other issues that are closely related to IT issues. 

    Is it worth cooperating with a private detective?

    If there are reasonable suspicions or concerns in various life situations, it is undoubtedly worth contacting a private detective and starting cooperation with him. First of all, the use of this type of service ensures our safety that everything will be done in accordance with the law. Often, people who decide to deal with a given topic on their own due to the lack of significant knowledge in this topic, as well as ignorance of the law, looking for evidence, e.g. dishonesty of the other party, can only harm themselves. Therefore, instead of taking the proverbial hoe to the sun, it is better to use the professional help of a detective.

    What to consider when choosing a private detective?

    First of all, it is worth paying attention to how long a given detective has been working in the profession and whether he has the appropriate license to perform it. This is very important, because poorly conducted detective activities can be treated as breaking the law, which unfortunately will affect not only the detective but also the commissioning of the activity. Therefore, we primarily cooperate with detective offices that have been operating on the market for a long time and have all the necessary authorizations. 

    Are private investigator services expensive? 

    It all really depends on what scope of services will be provided and for how long. If we want a private investigator to collect as much evidence as possible of our partner’s infidelity or to check the company with which we would like to cooperate, we can expect that the price will be quite high. However, there are also types of services provided by a detective that do not require too much work, and thus the price for their performance is not too high. 

    Can cooperation with a private detective come to light?

    Of course, as the well-known saying goes, “never say never” and there is really something to it. Regarding the confidentiality of services provided by a private investigator, professional ethics obliges him to maintain it, and failure to comply with it is associated with the loss of the above-mentioned license and withdrawal of the license to practice. In addition, if the detective decides to betray his client, then on the basis of an agreement in which he undertakes to keep secret, it is possible to bring an action against him. 

    However, in order to be sure that our cooperation with a private detective does not come to light, it is important to start it with a professional. Such a person will not allow themselves to be neglected and omitted, which could expose confidential information to people who should not have access to it. Such behavior could jeopardize the good name of the client, but also the detective, who would thus lose their trust, which in this profession is the absolute basis for cooperation with him.