A pleasant and peaceful move – is it possible?

    Przyjemna i spokojna przeprowadzka - czy to możliwe?

    Moving is always a new stage. The office relocation is no less exciting and affects even more people. As a rule, it is associated with the expansion of the company’s staff and with positive expectations and a new way of developing the company. But is everything really that simple? According to many people, relocation is associated with a lot of experience and even greater physical effort. But does the situation have to be so difficult and complicated?

    No, today there are ways to get rid of the seemingly inevitable difficulties and get through the move calmly and comfortably. The modern market offers services such as removals with a full range of activities to improve the entire process of changing the place of residence. In this case, all that is required of customers is relaxation and tuning in to new challenges.

    Removals are not only furniture transport

    It is not enough to move your family’s home electronics or your favorite armchair to say: the move has taken place. Packing, unpacking and waiting for changes is always a tedious preparation period. How to quickly transport everything that has been accumulated in an apartment or office and have fun at the same time? Most people get used to their current location and therefore worry when they need to change their location.

       Removals performed by experienced employees of the company are a comprehensive service. There are specialized removals companies that minimize the feeling of tension by people moving to another place and take care of all the tasks related to the transfer from point A to point B. Moving begins with dismantling the furniture. Yes, you can cope with this task yourself, but what if the furniture was assembled many years ago and there is no carpenter in the house? And how much time do you need to spend on moving an office in order to additionally organize a dozen computer desks and the reception desk?

       After unfolding and assembling the furniture, it’s time to pack it up. Those who have moved at least once probably remember their emotions when a truck full of items suddenly stops at a traffic light and the suspicious sound from the rear made them worry about a precious TV set wrapped in a blanket. And speaking of the office? There is more technology here and it requires even more careful transportation. There is no doubt that blankets, duct tape and cardboard are tradition, but today there are more modern packaging materials. Bubble wrap, stretch foil, special boxes will help keep you safe.

    The next steps in preparing for the move

        Moving involves packing things, which allows you to achieve two goals at once: it saves time and you do not need to pack the twenty-fifth box in a row at night. You can be sure that your items will be delivered intact and safe. To quickly find a box with the necessary contents after transporting the cargo, it is worth marking it in advance. For example, stick red stickers on boxes with living room items, green stickers on kitchen utensils, and mark bedroom items with blue stickers.

    A similar situation occurs in the case of office relocation. You can stick red stickers on the boxes for the marketing department, mark the accounting department in green and the technical department in blue. This will help you move around the new place faster. When everything is securely packed, it’s time to load. First, heavy furniture that is difficult to damage is loaded. Small things and boxes are placed last. Ideally, the next step in transporting things directly will allow you to exhale and relax a bit.

    Arriving at a new address and unloading

       The main nuisance that is possible during transport are traffic jams, but this cannot be predicted or avoided. When the road is behind, it’s time to unload. Moving an apartment or office involves not only removing furniture and equipment from the car, but also bringing it into a new apartment. You have to prepare the keys and take care of access to the apartment in advance.

    Who will assemble? When ordering removal services, you will not have to test your strength against sealed boxes. The company’s employees will bring things, unpack them and arrange everything according to the customer’s wishes. So, in just one day, things are transported, everything is in place and the hustle and bustle is much less than if you had to organize and carry out the move yourself.

    How to choose a moving company?

       The company providing the relocation services will make sure that this process can make the process of changing the office or place of residence, if not enjoyable, minimally cumbersome. But for this, it is important to choose the right moving company. There are hundreds of similar companies on the market, and how do you find one that provides high-quality services? What to look for

       Qualifications and number of employees. If you need to move on a Friday night but no people moving, it’s a bad sign. If a company doesn’t work early in the morning or late evening, or has a schedule so tight that everything is scheduled a week in advance, it’s also a reason to think about. It is worth paying attention to the readiness to provide services at a convenient time for the client, not the company.

       Calculation of the number of possible services. Is it necessary to transport the piano or will they do it? Yes, a company focused on helping the customer will move and transport every item. Entire corporations and large enterprises are also moving. What can be said about such a load and careful disassembly of equipment? Is it possible to pack an office for 100 people in a few hours? If the company copes with such a task, the client is not threatened with such problems as the lack of professional equipment or the lack of employees.

       Car fleet. You can save money and transport your property in any car, but how will your favorite sofa find its place in it? And office workers are likely to be upset as their seats become dirty and shabby. The presence of an efficient and clean car in the moving company will help the client get rid of the headache related to property safety.

    Does the company operate without a contract?

    In this case you have to take the word for it, but nowadays it may be cheaper, but not recommended. A clearly drafted contract may not be useful at all, but if something goes wrong it will be very useful. Nothing can give you such a complete picture, quality of work and service of the company as reviews. It is worth reading them carefully and paying particular attention to how customers evaluate the condition of the vehicle, punctuality of contractors and communication with the service.

       At the same time, it is worth reading about the staff. You have to spend the whole day with company employees when moving. Therefore, it is important that they are polite and effective. Fixed prices are also important. If the company is unable to provide the cost of the service immediately, it may be that the final price will be overpriced. Having information about the approximate number of things, distance from point A to point B, working hours and a list of additional services, you can calculate the cost of the move with an accuracy of 100%.