How to install window blinds? User manual.

    Jak zamontować rolety okienne? Instrukcja obsługi

    It turns out that the installation of internal window blinds is not that difficult. However, in order to properly install internal window blinds, we need to learn some very important rules. It is worth getting acquainted with them, and the whole process will be quick and extremely simple.

    How to install window blinds correctly?

    We have to find out how exactly and correctly to go through the installation of window blinds. Fabric blindsthey are extremely easy to install. It turns out that fabric blinds can be mounted directly to the wall or to the window sash. Usually, we can hear a lot of advice from different people. However, we should not listen to amateurs and laymen in this activity. Rather, we can only trust an expert in this matter. It would seem that roller blinds are usually ordered together with their assembly, so we do not need to absorb this knowledge. What is what, but we can buy window blinds, for example, in an ordinary supermarket where we do not have fitters at our disposal and we have to deal with it ourselves. Then the knowledge given here will be really needed and will be admitted. There is nothing to be afraid of, because on average, the installation of window blinds by yourself takes between ten and fifteen minutes.

    Types of roles – internal window blinds

    We have a lot of types of roller shutters on the market. Everyone will find the perfect type of roller blinds for themselves. We can be sure about that. When it comes to internal window blinds, we have a choice of three types of roller blinds. What are the blinds? These are Roman blinds, roller blinds in a cassette and roller blinds without a cassette. At the very beginning, we need to describe each type of roller shutter. Then everything will be easier for us to understand. Certainly, Roman blinds are made directly of Swiss-made fabric or a fabric curtain. These blinds are characterized by the fact that they are extremely easy to maintain. They can be cleaned basically in any way and also in all conditions. When it comes to roller blinds in a cassette or without a cassette, they are more difficult and much more difficult to maintain. Therefore, this is probably why fabric blinds are very practical,discreet and look incredibly aesthetically. However, roller blinds in a cassette are the most popular choice. Especially due to the fact that they have a very wide range of colors and are made of transparent fabrics. They are also fully darkened and patterned as well as with a metallic coating, which certainly reflects light best.

    Step by step instruction

    Despite many positive words about easy installation of roller shutters, there are certainly people among us who have doubts about how to go about it at all, and who are also extremely afraid of it. Therefore, the manual is really necessary. Remember that fabric blinds can be attached to the frame as well as directly to the window sash. The most frequently chosen are roller shutters mounted directly to the window sash. So let’s get to know the step-by-step instruction, and maybe it will brighten the whole picture? Absolutely. We start the installation of window blinds by unpacking all the elements. Additionally, in the next step, move the cassette upwards by the shaft recess and place it horizontally. The next step is to drill 4 holes. Using the attached screws, screw the cartridge with a screwdriver or drill.Put covers on the roller shutter cassette. We must remember that before attaching the cover directly from the side of the chain, the chain should be unfastened and it should be put through the hole in the cover. The next step is to stick the roller shutter guide. We must wipe the slats thoroughly. It is best to wipe them with a cloth, soaked with acetone or spirit. After removing the protective tape, stick them on to both glazing slats. What do we have to do in the next step? There is definitely a very important moment when you need to position both the top and bottom wrapping inserts. We must bear in mind that the bottom insert is mounted first. It must not under any circumstances rest on the glazing bead. It should stop basically in line with the cassette. The top part should now be fitted just in front of the cassette.The chain holder, in turn, is fastened about ten centimeters from its lower end. The chains fitted must under no circumstances interfere with any grips.

    Where to buy roller blinds?

    Many people are still wondering where to buy window blinds at all? In fact, we have a lot of roller blind shops. We can choose both stationary stores and online stores. What we choose depends only on us. When the installation of window blinds is still black magic for us, we should be tempted to buy window blinds together with their installation. There are also many such comprehensive companies, so we will have plenty to choose from. We can be sure about that one hundred percent. We should also remember that before we decide on a specific company, we check it online. Opinions should be our determinant.