What should a good cleaning company look like?

    Czym powinna charakteryzować się dobra firma sprzątająca?

    Cleaning companies are springing up recently. The demand for services in this industry is growing rapidly. Many entrepreneurs wonder how to find a cleaning company that will be trustworthy. What should a good cleaning company stand out? 


    How do I find a good cleaning company? 

    Running your own business is a hard piece of bread. Everyone who has ever tried their hand at business know it. Maintaining cleanliness in spaces occupied by employees is often quite a challenge. This applies in particular to places where hundreds or thousands of people visit every day, such as shopping malls, housing estates or offices. A good cleaning company will ensure that our company will always be clean, and all customers visiting it will be fully satisfied. A high-quality cleaning service is an investment that brings a whole host of benefits. The level of customer satisfaction resulting from visiting such places has been significantly increased. 

    All statistics show that the services of external cleaning companies are becoming more and more popular every year. According to the data, nowadays every second offer for an employee in the cleaning industry comes from a cleaning company. As many as 64 percent of companies decide to outsource cleaning. The value of this market is estimated at up to PLN 4 billion. Despite the fact that in Poland the myth that simple mops and cleaning products are enough to run such a business is still popular, the above numbers clearly show that professionalism is very important in this area. Below, we describe the most important tips to follow when choosing a cleaning company. 


    Professional staff

    Every cleaning company that wants to be successful and gain a wide range of loyal customers must invest in qualified, motivated and reliable employees. Cleaning staff must constantly improve their qualifications to provide customers with the highest level of service.

    The cleaning company’s further contacts with customers depend on the quality of the service. A professional cleaning company must always offer the highest standards that all employees must always comply with in their daily work. The effect of their work should always be visible to the naked eye without the need to test a white glove. 


    Staff must be efficiently managed

    The cleaning company must also be able to manage its staff efficiently. The point is that the client must have a guarantee that all services ordered by him will always (regardless of the circumstances) be performed on the agreed date. Due diligence in the performance of duties must be an unchanging standard to which all employees of the company will be accustomed. The schedule of the personnel employed in the company must be properly arranged and ensure proper rotation of employees. It is especially important in cleaning large facilities where the cleaning process takes many days. Importantly, staff should always keep in mind to follow all prepared checklists, which will present the scope and frequency of cleaning services performed. 


    Specialized cleaning agents and devices

    Many people still believe that simple brooms, mops, tea towels and cleaning products from the supermarket are enough to run a professional cleaning company. This is absolute nonsense that has nothing to do with reality. Each professional cleaning company must have only the highest quality preparations that the “average Smith” will not buy in a regular store. The cleaning company has to buy such products from specialized wholesalers.

    When providing this type of service, the company must be well-versed in the advantages and disadvantages of individual cleaning agents as well as machines and accessories used. They should be individually adapted to the premises where the cleaning service is to take place. 


    Investing in the competences of people employed in the company is extremely important

    When we are looking for a good cleaning company, we should pay special attention to whether it is committed to the constant improvement of its qualifications by its employees. There are always new products in the cleaning and cleaning equipment industry, so employees should know as much as possible about them. It will be possible only when people employed in the cleaning company will have the opportunity to participate in various courses and trainings. The more qualified the employees of a given cleaning company will be, the greater the chance that a given entity will always offer cleaning services at an unchanged, very high level. Investing in the competences of people employed in the company is a priority.