Desktops – Blessing or Curse?

    Komputery stacjonarne – błogosławieństwo czy przekleństwo?

    Imagine the world if desktops disappeared for a while. This would immediately paralyze the work of banks, it would also lead to the paralysis of health care (from the new year we started relying on e-prescriptions). Thanks to desktop computers, we manage to work, because we have computerized practically every area of ​​our life. That is why the PC is such an important part of our home. It is now believed that when someone does not have a computer at home, they are consciously cutting themselves off from the information they can find through the network. But the Internet is a double-edged sword – if somebody steals our data, we’re in trouble. Just look at the hysteria the WikiLeaks scandal has caused. Edward Snowden immediately became public enemy number one and is considered the greatest pest (though there are some who believe he is a hero).The older generation, on the other hand, believes that desktop computers are mainly used for young people to play computer games.

    Desktop computer

    When it comes to computer games, computers are adapted to play them. To be able to play comfortably, we must be armed with both a perfect processor and a good graphics card. We also need a lot of RAM. Only in this way are we able to keep up with all the news. The race is uneven, however, and you have to upgrade your computer from year to year if you want to play something else. For this reason, computer games enjoy a certain distrust of parents, who do not want to see how their child is absorbed by subsequent titles. Desktop computers are so deeply embedded in our lives that even such diseases as addiction to computer games or addiction to social media have arisen. Gambling and pornography have moved online as well. There are many threats there, because desktops are a window to the world, but a window through which a lot of unwanted things can fall.

    How to take care of them?

    Caring for desktop computers is the basis of their use. It’s not just about wiping the monitor or not eating over the keyboard. Taking care of the computer also includes the fact that we vacuum its contents by disassembling the casing. We have to buy compressed air for this. Cleaning your computer, however, is a slightly more complex activity. It is good to have an old blanket or towel under what you will vacuum. A vacuum cleaner will also be useful, blowing dust is a really dirty activity.

    Desktop computers are also an important branch of science. Informatics deals with both programming and hardware. The first IT specialists create programs for us, they create everything we can work with. The latter assemble the equipment to make it work flawlessly. These are two separate branches, so programmers often get frustrated when someone expects that they will be able to physically assemble the computer.

    Desktops are as important in life as any other tool. Thanks to it, modern graphic designers create their beautiful drawings (paper is slowly being replaced by tablets), and the creators have already created music, which is partly computer-generated. Besides, if we look at YouTube, we can see that a lot of people have a career there. The fame is slowly moving from television to the Internet. If we come to a convention, we will quickly find out that meeting a famous YouTuber will be more popular than meeting a TV star. For who cares about someone we are not watching? Anyway, nowadays you can also notice that movie stars are trying to get as much recognition as possible online. Only she is able to ensure their viability.

    Where to buy a good gaming PC ?

    How To Buy Good Desktops? The issue here will not be the price, but the right selection of parts. We have to synchronize them so that they respond to our needs as much as possible. Reviews of CPUs and graphics cards can be found on various websites. If we ask which computer to buy, we will get handfuls of advice. Everyone will have something to tell us. There are hundreds of stores, some recommended, others not. However, it is believed that it is best to order selected parts in a store, and then have them assembled by IT specialists. However, we should remember that later we will have to take care of the same desktops with exceptional tenderness.

    Ordering good desktops for a business also comes with a couple of expenses that we need to consider. Here, the most important thing will be the software and the ability to create an internal network and transfer files. We must take care of the security of computers on the Internet, we must ensure that sensitive data does not go beyond the corporate drives. In the GDPR era, we can face terrible consequences if it turns out that we have lost someone’s personal data. This is why desktops are both a blessing and a curse for us. Let us take care of them and use them as common sense requires of us. They will greatly facilitate our work and give the company some prestige!