Website designing – step by step

    Projektowanie strony WWW – krok po kroku

    The vast majority of companies now have a website. Own websites are also eagerly created by private persons for themselves, sometimes for profit-making purposes as additional income, and sometimes only out of a passion for creating and the desire to share, for example, their interests with the world, friends or other people with similar interests.

    Designing your own website requires some knowledge and effort, but sometimes it is worth making such an effort for the satisfaction of obtaining an amazingly interesting result, perhaps gaining new knowledge and having a website that we have created from scratch. Of course, at various stages of work, we will be able to support ourselves with professional help, be it professional webmasters or various guides, which are also present today. Knowledge of websites is not a secret and as long as we have the energy and the will to create it, everything is possible.


    First of all – domain and hosting

    At the initial stage of work, we must ensure that our website has an attractive internet address. It should of course be selected in accordance with our goals for the website. It is worth ensuring that the end of the domain perfectly reflects its character. The .com domains are for companies, and the .info domains are for information sites. Today, these divisions are no longer applied so strictly, but it is good taste for the address to be consistent with each other in some way. The most universal will of course be the .pl domain, which is also the most popular one.

    At the next stage, we need to choose the right hosting for ourselves. Of course, if this is our first page, we should be guided mainly by costs, but also not overdo it with savings. First of all, good hosting should be able to efficiently handle pages even in high traffic, and in the case of hosting choices, let’s be optimistic rather than pessimistic in this regard. In addition, appropriate technical support at an excellent level, preferably around the clock, is welcome. It will be useful for us especially when we are novice webmasters and we happen to have many technical problems.


    Website design and coding

    We can commission the project to a webmaster or an IT company, but we can also do it ourselves in an appropriate program. The range of software for website design is quite large, but in many cases users give up creating it individually, and decide to use a ready-made website template, which is much easier to modify. Of course, we will not get everything we dreamed about in this way, and our website will not be completely unique, but for many people such action will be enough.

    Coding the page and obtaining its final shape is the next step. In the event that we chose to use a unique design, we will have to transfer the whole thing to a template created by us. In many cases it is tedious work, but also in this situation software will come to our aid, which will be helpful and relieve us of at least some of the actions that we are forced to take at this stage. After making any changes to the code, and making sure that the page displays correctly, you can say that the design work is almost complete despite the fact that, for example, our site is still missing content.


    Supplementing with content and page tests

    After the design and implementation stages of our domain and hosting are finished, it would seem that all stages are behind us. None of these things. This is the moment when our website will slowly start to live, perhaps its first users will appear. It is worth checking if all its elements are working well. In particular, pay attention to issues such as contact forms and other user interaction tools that must function properly. It is also a good time to check with the appropriate software whether the website code is error-free. Page validation will allow you to catch some minor bugs in the code. These defects may affect later activities on the website, weaker positions in the Google ranking, and accumulating over time may cause errors in the operation of the website.

    Even the most beautiful, but completely blank page will not be our showpiece, on the contrary, it will bear a bad testimony about us. That is why we should supplement it with content as soon as possible. Users who are supposed to visit us like good content, but also search engines will appreciate the fact that we publish interesting content, and our subpages are not empty. Interesting content will act like a snowball. We will attract even more new users with it, and you will bring more. That is why it is worth creating valuable content on the website and treat it as an important element of design work. It’s good when we can present something to our users at the very beginning of our website. This is the optimal and most professional approach to the subject.