Running on cold days: things to keep in mind

    Bieganie w chłodne dni: o czym warto pamiętać

    Winter is a stock and although we can admire a beautiful golden autumn every day, we should not be fooled. Especially if we like outdoor activities in the evening or in the morning. Many people who are just starting their adventure with running have a big problem with completing the right outfit that will keep them warm and at the same time ensure that the body does not overheat. How to prepare for running in cold weather? Is thermoactive underwear a good solution? We present the answers to these and many other questions in our today’s guide.

    Running on cold days: things to keep in mind

    First of all, it should be emphasized that the running outfit should be completed depending on our level of advancement. We will choose different shoes or outerwear when we are getting ready for the half-marathon, and still other clothes when we are running a few kilometers as a hobby as part of the morning start-up. For this reason, we have prepared some universal tips that every runner should remember – not only a professional.


    A properly selected outfit influences many important things. Starting from body temperature, running comfort, foot safety, and even disease consequences. That is why it is so important to ensure maximum protection in cold weather. What should we pay special attention to? You will read later in our article. 

    Choose the right footwear 

    No matter what sport we play, footwear is an extremely important element of the equipment. Sure, if it’s cold and we don’t have thermal underwear, we can catch a cold, but many negative health consequences are due to inappropriate footwear. Sprained feet, blisters, blisters, bruises and a number of other diseases are a natural course of things if we do not take care of our shoes. So what sneakers should we choose when we want to run on cold and often wet days?


    First of all, shoes should be comfortable. For this reason, many professional runners prefer to go to stationary stores instead of looking for shoes on the Internet. Sports shoes should be adapted to the ground on which you plan to run. If we want to prepare for runs in the mud and heavy rain, trail shoes will be a good solution.

    Secondly, it should also be anticipated that we will sometimes wear a thicker sock with them, so it should be taken into account when trying on. While a T-shirt, thermal underwear or shorts often stretch, running shoes rarely break by half or even a size. 


    Protect yourself from rain and wind 

    A good solution will certainly be to buy thermoactive underwear, which is worth having in your wardrobe. Very often we can meet winter runners who wear only a T-shirt and short shorts. The thermoactive underwear itself retains heat and ensures that sweat is constantly released. Of course, it all depends on what type you buy.



    It is also worth having a rain cover in your set. Many athletes like to run when it is lightly sprinkling or just raining. However, for this to be safe, you need to be protected from water and wind. Light rain jackets can be found in many forms, often folded up to the size of a fist, so we don’t have to worry about where to hide them. We can also always tie them around the hips to have complete freedom while running.


    Another item of clothing to pay attention to are hats and gloves. Although it may seem that they are not needed when running, we should remember about them. A moment is enough for our hair to be covered with sweat during the run, which, combined with the cold air, makes us start to freeze. It is not without reason that it is said that the most heat is lost from the head, so everyone should have a hat with them. It is important to choose one that wicks sweat and keeps you warm at the same time. Thick fleece headgear can have the opposite effect, so they are often thin and similar to the materials from which thermoactive underwear is made. The same goes for gloves, which are also extremely important.


    Of course, our comfort while running is influenced by many factors, such as underwear, socks or a scarf. However, above are the most important areas to keep in mind when going for a run in the fall. Protection against wind and rain as well as free breathing of underwear is extremely important for our body. A moment is really enough to overheat and, consequently, catch a cold. Changing the joints, or the sometimes bothersome pains that we feel, can be treated for many months, therefore, according to the message “Prevention is better than cure”, we should be careful. Many manufacturers describe whether the shoes, pants, jackets, etc. are suitable for running on colder days. It is worth getting acquainted with such a detailed description, because many of them have additional membranes,which help keep the body warm during physical activity.