Since renewable energy sources are very popular, today we are working on another one, called photovoltaics. There are many articles on the web about how photovoltaics affects the world, how economical it is and how wonderful it is. In fact, it is so, and what I am most interested in is money.

    Of course, I am not going to persuade anyone to buy solar panels, but I encourage you to save thanks to them. Today I would like to tell you what is photovoltaic and the phenomenon of solar radiation. Photovoltaics is the science that studies the conversion of light or solar energy into electricity. In short, it is simply the production of electricity using solar radiation, and this is what photovoltaics does.

    Photovoltaics – costs

    Of course, this is not a small investment, but despite the high costs, photovoltaics is now used in many areas of life. First of all, for ecology, it is said that solar cells appear where ecology is more than economics, while it is worth adding that photovoltaics is simply practical, because wherever solar radiation appears, we can produce electricity. The greatest applications of photovoltaics are in the space industry and all kinds of technologies, the main goal of which is to conquer space. What may be the most shocking is the fact that these cells can work for over twenty-five years without any failure. To meet such solar panels in everyday life, you do not have to go into space, just go out into the street,because even such ordinary road lights are powered by photovoltaic cells. Cells of this type are also used in home use. Solar panels are often confused with solar collectors, which are distinguished by the fact that they convert the energy of solar radiation into heat. An average photovoltaic installation with a peak power of five kilo Watts will cost about forty thousand zlotys.

    How does photovoltaics work

    If we have already told ourselves about photovoltaics itself, it’s time to move to a higher level of solar radiation. It is simply a stream of waves and particles that travel from the Sun to the Earth. The intensity of solar radiation reaching the upper limits of the atmosphere is determined by the solar constant. This quantity is defined for the mean Earth-Sun distance. The intensity of solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface depends on the position of the Sun on the celestial sphere and the optical properties of the atmosphere. Photovoltaics use full handfuls of radiation, technology is constantly evolving and newer solutions are created, thanks to which solar energy is used more and more effectively. The problem may be the lack of sun. Photovoltaics does not bend its neck and of course many researchers are facing this problem, for whom photovoltaics has more and more secrets, but no one has managed to influence the weather yet.

    A small solar farm

    And if we wanted to look for photovoltaics in everyday life, where to look for it? Well, the answer is very simple, you have certainly used a calculator or have lamps in your garden that are powered by photovoltaic cells. Cells of this type are also used in home use. They are often confused with solar collectors, which are distinguished by the fact that they convert the energy of solar radiation into heat. It is important to distinguish between what solar cells are, they can be used to heat water, but nevertheless it is still the use of solar energy for utility purposes. Going to the end, I would like to mention the subsidies for the installation of solar modules, i.e. simply photovoltaic cells. Smaller electricity bills can offset the costs of financial servicing a loan or leasing.Thanks to the savings on electricity bills, the photovoltaic installation can pay for itself. Obtaining electricity from a renewable energy source such as sunlight is no longer a new technology. Photovoltaics increasingly dominate both residential, industrial and service construction. However, finding a company that performs these types of installations professionally is often a complicated task. In my opinion, you should carefully search the offers and choose the right company rationally, because as I mentioned at the beginning, solar panels are an investment for years. Of course, I am not persuading anyone to invest in this source of energy, we have many more options available on the market, such as wind energy. However, I encourage everyone to deepen their knowledge on this subject,because it’s really worth it. Solar radiation enables us to develop this technology, but it can also start an era in which people will be for the planet, not it for us. For my part, that’s it, thank you for the time and attention devoted to this article and let the photovoltaics be with you.