Interactive floors in entertainment venues

    Podłogi interaktywne w lokalach rozrywkowych

    Modern solutions in the field of design and interior arrangement more and more often use the latest technologies. Public space, increasingly managed by computer systems, is slowly becoming our everyday life. In the coming years, we will witness the evolution of the influence of technology on the spaces in which we live every day. It is all happening now. It is enough to list such phenomena asinteractive floors. They can be treated as large-format monitors, where all kinds of manual activities are carried out to contribute to our intellectual development, develop our sensitivity, and target certain phenomena. In the modern clubs of the largest metropolises in the world, you can clearly see the impact of new solutions in the form of interactive walls or floors. If in a club where dozens of people play, these technologically modern solutions are used, you can opt out of all kinds of additional lighting, which will also reduce the costs of energy used.

    A riot of colors and motifs on the dancing floor.

    Located in play areas, interactive floors are responsible for presenting a specific image. It can be static or dynamic. It cannot be denied that the type of animation and graphics is chosen in terms of the music played in a given place. If we are in a club that plays only Latin music, the people responsible for arranging the floor in terms of animation will certainly choose warm, sunny and very intense colors. The animation can engage in interaction with everyone on the dance floor of the interactive floor. Under the influence of the shoe touch, a dynamic illusion of space can be played out, which is certainly a very interesting visual enhancement of the whole game. In places where the dance floors are colorful, you can have a lot more fun than on ordinary dance floors,illuminated only by light beams. Everything gives the impression that we are in a distant virtual reality in an instant.

    Modern IT management systems

    They make the interactive floors can be treated as extensive monitors, but also without excessive concern that something will be damaged under the influence of our body weight. You can safely dance, jump, just play without fear that the surface will break and suddenly the whole image below us will go blank. In entertainment venues, interactive floors are designed so comprehensively that they can also act as a jukebox, where individual songs are selected by touch on the panel. So there is no need to use discs to be moved around. Your favorite song is activated in the system with a few hand or foot movements on the interactive menu. Only a few years ago, few people thought of such a solution. IT space management has madethat when it comes to the interior design, minimalism is in fashion again.

    Virtual leisure activities

    It is known that we go to entertainment venues in order to establish contact with a living person, spend a nice time with him, have fun, make new friends. Nothing prevents you from making interactive floorsuse as an idea for various games, thanks to which the time spent together will not be lost. By means of the combination of interactive floors and information systems, you can, for example, play a whole range of party games, constructed similarly to standard board games, but of course in a much larger format. Thanks to this, you can independently cover the distances of certain routes on the way to the goal being the winning finish. Using interactive floors during a disco party, you can also watch music videos or concerts of your favorite performers directly, if it does not bother us that we are stepping on someone’s image. If a group of revelers likes to play by the dark floor – no problem. Visualizations and all kinds of color animations are simply turned off.

    New technologies in Poland.

    Innovative interactive floorsare relatively new products in Poland. It is hard to admit that they are generally available products. Only everything is flowing in the direction that they can be used wherever possible. Not only in entertainment venues, but also in schools, offices and all places where their usefulness will increase the comfort of functioning at an intelligent level. Today, interactive floors are quite expensive investments, which is why they are not yet so common in use, especially in Poland, which as a country, with its best efforts, is, however, a type of province. IT specialists agree that in a few or a dozen years or so, interactive floors will be similar to computers or tablets. Modern electronic equipment also started to get cheaper over time,until they finally became affordable products for everyone’s pocket.