Bus rental

    Wynajem busów

    Bus rentalit is now a very cost effective, economical and environmentally positive transport option. At a low cost – because by dividing the entire rental amount among all travelers – you can save the area from additional harmful smog. As you know, smog is air pollution that causes an increase in substances that are harmful to health, which everybody inhales. Cars (apart from the irresponsible behavior of people, i.e. smoking in furnaces with materials not adapted to it) are the main cause of this unwanted phenomenon. They are responsible for 63 percent of the concentration of poisonous substances in the air. Such a high percentage is not due to the exhaust gases, but not so much to the dust from the brake pads, but to the so-called “secondary dusting” – while driving on the road, cars lift up, lift up what is on it – all the dust and dust on it.The more road users there are, the bigger the pollen clouds are floating in the air.
    So if you can reduce the emission of smog by renting one bus for several or a dozen people, instead of going somewhere with a few cars that emit several times more smog, why not contribute to the environment?

    Buses can be rented alone or together with the driver. There are many transport companies on the market offering such services.

    Rental of buses Szczecin is a basket depending on the standards of the rented cars – on the website we have an overview of available cars for rent: standard class, comfort class, VIP class; but also on the number of kilometers traveled, time and date of rent. Successful companies offer a quote for this rental on their website – to get it, please provide as much information as possible about the trip, taking into account the starting and destination, possible stopping time (information about overnight stays), preferred car, and so on.

    Buses can be rented: – weekend – from Friday to Monday; – short-term – for several hours; – long-term – more than 30 days.

    Commercial vehicle rental is available to both individual customers and companies. The reservation of the selected car can usually be made both via the website (thanks to which we are better informed) and traditionally – by phone. However, when booking a car via a telephone connection, we do not have access to photos of the cars, their detailed description, the entire company’s offer and all prices – we have a worse chance of finding an offer that will satisfy us one hundred percent.

    Bus rental takes place nationally, but also abroad. The main application of this type of service is: – weddings; – banquets; – communions; – baptisms; – integrations; – conferences; – training; – family trips; – school trips; – summer camps; – and similar occasions and trips.

    Usually self-respecting companies, caring about the client, offer in the rental price: – full insurance; – replacement car in the event of damage to the rented bus; – professional service; – extensive mileage limit. An additional advantage of the carrier is that the customer can pay by card, not only in cash, or rent GPS equipment for an additional fee (if the customer rents a bus without a driver).

    And why bus rental and not public transport? First of all, we do not become addicted to the timetable, delays resulting from the large number of people boarding at stops, so we do not have to tolerate strangers in the vehicle and we go straight to our destination, stopping only at stops designated by ourselves. We also do not get tired of changing and carrying luggage and guarding it by thieves – we go with the closest group, with the bags secured in the trunk, spending time in good company.

    When renting a bus, however, you should apply the principle of limited trust and check that everything is as it should be and in accordance with the contract. So, before collecting the keys and placing your signature, you should check: – car equipment; – the technical condition of the car (including, for example: proper spacing of seats, heating or air conditioning efficiency); – car production year and its important inspection; – number of available places; – in the case of renting a car with a driver – documents authorizing this man to drive the car; – luggage space. You should also carefully check the rental conditions and carefully read the terms of service to avoid hidden fees and contractual penalties.

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    To sum up, if we decide to rent a passenger bus in Szczecin , we remember to: – carefully study the rental conditions: kilometer limits and possible fines for exceeding them, the possibility of returning the car, load capacity, number of seats, and so on; – getting to know the opinions about the selected shipping company; | – making sure about all defects, damage to the car and deficiencies in its equipment – all these should be written down in the protocol before renting the car. – checking if the car has a valid technical inspection – if we get the car without a stamped inspection, it will be better to give up the rental, without risk; – choosing a bus tailored to all our needs.